Common seal stamps with company name and ABN

Common Seals

Our online stamp shop carries 3 types of common seals: Traditional, Self-Inking and Folding Handle (38x38mm). A common seal stamp is often also referred to as a company seal stamp or corporate seal stamp. The design of these stamps is made up of a physical illustration emboss with a company or organisation name, along with the Australian company/business number (ACN/ABN) of the business or organisation.

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These rubber stampers and self-inking stampers are used for sealing important contracts, property transfers, land contracts, loan documents, mortgages, guarantees and the like.

Though not compulsory in Australia, these types of stamps signify the unique identity of a business or organisation, and generally provide a higher level of authenticity and legitimacy to documents. This signifier of "authenticity" is particularly helpful when dealing with stakeholders overseas who may reside in a country where use of common seals are mandatory for sensitive affairs.

Traditional Common Seal Stampers

This type is basically just like a traditional rubber stamp except for the design. The design of this stamp follows a particular format and is unique to the business or organisation since the stamp has the full company/organisation name on it, together with its nine-digit ACN/ABN imprinted.

Common Seal Self-Inking Stampers

This common seal self-ink stamp also follows the specific format required of common seals. Unlike the traditional company seal, the common seal self-ink stamp does not need a stamp pad and is thus easier to use and less messy.

Common Seal Folding Handle Stampers

The folding-handle stamp is similar to the traditional type in terms of operation, as in, you need an ink pad to make an imprint. What makes the folding-handle common seal stamp different is the handle.

The handle is movable between two folded positions, and the stamper can be operated by placing it in the middle of the two folded positions.

All common seal stampers are manufactured using only the highest quality materials. All orders are delivered free across Australia and are dispatched via EXPRESS POST on the day they are ordered.

Common seal stamps are manufactured and supplied for clients in every state and territory throughout Australia.

Choose one of these three stamp options above to create a stamp online that is unique to your business or organisation. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority and all our online stamp shop products are guaranteed.