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Ultimark Self-Inking Stamps Large Sizes

Buy Ultimark self-inking stampers made by Trodat, from our online stamp store, Ecom Rubber Stamps (also known as If you need custom self-inking stamps delivered Australia-wide for business use or personal use, you've come to the right stamp company.

Below you'll find our distinctively modern-stylised, customisable Ultimark self-ink stamps. All self-inking stamp products in the Ultimark range will last for up to 10,000 imprints. If the day finally comes where you run out of stamp ink, you can simply re- ink by using ONLY Ultimark speciality ink. No fuss, no mess.

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Ultimark Self-Inking Stampers let you pick preferred Font Styles, Text Colours & More

You can choose to add 1 or more lines of custom text to your Ultimark stamp, you can pick your desired type of font (16 types) and choice of 10 colours, plus choose what size of text you want and whether you want it italicised, bolded or underlined. You can even add a border if you prefer, amongst other extra custom-design stamp options to choose from.

Made by Trodat, the Ultimark self-ink stamp range uses non-toxic ink and is designed for use on regular paper, not on wax paper or glossy paper. These stamps can make thousands of clean marked impressions before they need to be re-inked.

Can't find the right self-inking stampers you need? Then please view Trodat heavy-duty self-ink stamps, or check out the full range of Trodat's non-heavy-duty, self-inking stamp products.

What you can Expect when Buying Customised Self-Inking Stamp Products

All our Ultimark custom self-ink stamps can be shipped Australia-wide, free of charge by EXPRESS POST. Client satisfaction is our Stamp Shop #1 priority and all our products are guaranteed.

Why Buy Stamps made by Trodat?

The Trodat stamp company sells their products globally and produces more than 70 of its best-selling products with the maximum, technically possible content of pre- and post-consumer recycled plastic to reduce their company's CO2 footprint. The remaining, inevitable CO2 is offset by investing in Gold Standard climate protection projects recommended by the World- Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). As a result, the stamp company' best-selling products come climate neutral, as standard.